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Bellpro Fire, Water Storm Damage Restoration Repair

Storm Damage

Mother Nature strikes fast and so does Bell. Our storm team is trained to handle any situation. Hail, wind, and rain storms can all cause significant damage both to your homes structure and the cosmetic appearance.

Our team members are trained to

  • Assess The Damage
  • Thoroughly inspect the property for the cause and the extent of the damage. (REMEMBER Hail damage is usually not visible to the untrained eye)
  • We will then determine whether or not you have a valid insurance claim
  • File a Claim & Schedule an Adjustment
  • After viewing the property for validity of damage, we will assist you in filing a claim
  • As trained professionals we will maximize your claim, to ensure the funds necessary for the cost of the total repair or replacement
  • Review the Scope of Work
  • Bell Construction will do a final review of the adjuster’s scope
  • Assist you in color and choice selections

Storm Damage



To Whom It May Concern

On Monday, May 12, 2014 we were going about our normal daily routines when everything suddenly changed. Tornado sirens started going off and we all went into the basement. Fully prepared for tornados, we were not prepared for anything else. The power went out and water started coming in, and lots of it. A few days later, my landlord reached out to Bell Restoration. Once Bell Restoration was contacted, they were out to check out the damages the next morning. The next day I received a phone call saying they were coming in to start cleanup. The team of people that were at my house were absolutely amazing. You can tell they truly felt bad and truly cared about the people they were helping. Helping me move upstairs the stuff that was savable to throwing away the damaged stuff, they truly were a blessing. These people were caring, compassionate, quick and neat. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to come in and help us through such a rough time. Although we lost half of our belongings, they made it easier by being there to help. Thank you so much to everyone at Bell Restoration. Such an awesome, caring, efficient team of people!!!!

Thank you for everything
Erin Braybon
Stow, Ohio

BELLPRO... Specializes in Board-Ups, House Fires, Water Floods, Sewer Backup, Wind Damage, Hail Damage, and much more!

Bellpro Fire, Water Storm Damage Restoration Repair

24-Hour Emergency Number 330-472-3353

Bell Construction, LLC specializes in assisting property owners with insurance claims due to storm damage. Please understand your project is not a simple remodel job. Your project is a complex insurance process. We are insurance specialists as well as general contractors. You home or business is of paramount importance, therefore it is essential to utilize BELL CONSTRUCTION, LLC to successfully and professionally negotiate your claim. Call 330-472-3353